So here it is our first Blog!!

Well the first “official” one on our very own website…. we’ve been blogging our journey via other forms of social media but bit the bullet and created our own as we have an extremely exciting year ahead!

It is currently a bit of a work in progress, as never in my life have a made a website before but it’s been fun… albeit a tad confusing at times. So if you have any top tips, help or advice you’d like to share with me then please do!!

So let me explain the reasons behind naming my Blog “Life on the Left Rein” I guess it’s as the homepage says really, it’s very much like life in the fast lane, just a different kind of horsepower.

It can be Crazy, Chaotic, Unbalanced and a little scary…. Correction VERY scary at times!

My Blog is going to help me track and journal my life, I am hoping it will motivate me to make Life on the Left Rein a much more balanced, calm and collected place.

Everything seems to be flying by at a zillion miles per hour.
We are constantly on the go, whether it be working, riding, driving, competing, socialising….. It all has become one massive whirlwind and I just feel its time, to step back, slow down and appreciate the little things some more, have more of a balanced lifestyle and take time to enjoy it.

Another reason Life on the Left Rein seemed a relevant name for the Blog is because some scary things have happened in the past few years of my equestrian life, namely since my first ODE Canter incident striking of on the left rein has always been petrifying, I don’t know why, as we have done numerous One Day Events since, but each time I completely mess up the left canter transition because I panic, freeze, tense and confuse the hell out of Banksy!! Something I am now determined to overcome…

Those of you that know me will know I have had a pretty exciting few months being part of Horse and Country TVs “Blue Chip All Star Academy Series 2” and over the next 12 months all 8 of us “All Stars” will be Vlogging our individual Journeys.

So with that in mind I created this website, if I’m honest I find Facebook abit of a depressing place at the moment. I feel it is full of doom and gloom, be it Politics, Brexit, Trump, Racism, Terrorism, Bullying or people trying to out do one another. I have been sharing posts regarding the show via Facebook as we are required to and I try to share as many positive posts as possible and “unfollow” the negatives but I personally would much rather use Instagram or even Twitter nowadays as feel these are much friendlier social media sites, where you can see and share nice pictures and look at categories that appeal to you and not ones that don’t! That said this is why I am creating this site, So people can choose whether you want to visit the site and view the Blogs/Vlogs. Of course I will share the links on all social media platforms but I don’t want to be seen to force it down your throats. I know when videos are uploaded to Facebook they will automatically start playing as you scroll through and you end up watching it even though you don’t want to!

I hope over the next 12 months to really embrace this opportunity and train train train to bring out Banksys potential, I know he has so much to give and thoroughly enjoys his job but my little knowledge and lack of experience holds us back so I am going to grab this opportunity and put my all into it!!

And we would love for you to #joinourjourney


  1. Pandora

    Although we have never met and I only came across you through the ‘dressage video’ I have followed your ups and downs ever since as often they mirror my own though you are a far better rider than I will ever be. Good luck with the website it looks fab xx

  2. Jodi Warne

    Website is looking great. It’s a very brave to put yourself out there open and honest, wishing you luck with the new website and will continue watching Blue Chip All Star Academy.

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