The Woof Wear Event Gloves are literally like a second skin.

I always wear gloves whether it be hacking or competing it just doesn’t feel right to me to be in the saddle without them on!

And I must admit that until I had tried these I always chose gloves that fastened around the wrist as opposed to the back of the hand BUT I would never go back now.

Ever since wearing a stop watch has been allowed i have worn the Woof Wear Event Glove. The short cuff completely eliminates any interference with the stop watch and the four way stretch fabric really does mean they feel like a second skin.

Being a girly girl and having long nails does not matter one bit when wearing these Gloves. My initial pair (that are pictured above!) are almost 2 years old and despite my long nails stretching the fabric in places, they mould to the shape of your hands/nails and have not worn through unlike previous gloves I have owned.

Now the very best feature of these gloves is the unparalleled grip that they give, whether it be wet or dry conditions the Reintex Pro Palm is second to none. It can be absolutely pelting it down with rain, yet the water will just bead up and run off the fabric.

They are extremely lightweight, the minute holes in the fabric allow water vapour to pass through keeping your hands free from perspiration.

I cannot rave about these gloves enough, I even got brave and purchased a white pair for dressage!!! ?

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