Still in shock, our first ever BE100 completed & successfully at that!!!

I was so so nervous, I ssoooooo nearly didn’t go Cross Country, I was trying to think of every excuse under the sun to pull out…. “Banksy’s feeling Lethargic, it’s really hot, it’s not worth risking him, he’s not feeling himself!”

Well he certainly was himself once he heard “3,2,1… Go Good Luck”

He shot out of the start box and I had every intention of taking it steady as a confident clear was all I had aspired to achieve, but he was on it!!

I was up on my 1st minute marker by 10 seconds, he took the initial fences on so confidently. The fact we had a 30.3 dressage and were lying in 2nd place until an unfortunate 4 faults in the ShowJumping flashed through my mind as I was heading up to fence 7 when my 2nd minute marker went off and I realised we were still up on time!! Well surely we still stand a chance of a placing now, so let’s go for it…. Adrenaline kicked in, Banksy’s confidence rubbed off on me and we were determined.

We flew the rest of the course and he somehow made it feel effortless, 3 from home & I was still massively up on time, therefore steadily cantered over the last few to come in 13 seconds under the optimum.

Beaming, blubbing & ridiculously proud of my ponio. We had just completed our first ever BE100 on a very respectable score of 34.3, over a course that turned out to have caused a few problems even for the leader, meaning we climbed back up to 2nd place!!

It has taken me 2 whole days to be able to put into words these feelings, sad I know but I have literally just been kissing and cuddling my pony and watching back all the snippets of video and pictures blubbing with pride!

Our sport is certainly tough at times but this feeling right now is priceless.

I can’t thank Horse & Country TV, Blue Chip Feed and The Talland School of Equitation enough for selecting Banksy and I to be a part of the All Star Academy, it has given me so much drive and motivation to enable me to bring the best out in him… I’m even feeling now that our dream of Mitsubishi Motors Cup Badminton 2019 is possibly achievable, we are definitely 1 step closer with a regional final ticket at each level now!!

Vlog Treborough Hill BE100


  1. I really enjoyed watching your vlog, and this post is just as interesting. I love that your confidence is growing with Bansky. The photos are amazing! I can say that photographing cross country is not always easy. So glad you didn’t follow through on your excuses. After all, I wrote the book on it. 😉

    1. Thanks Heather! I really enjoy making the Vlogs and it definitely helps that we have had some good results to report on recently!! ?
      Will be looking at doing some more “useful” ones as well over the next few weeks x

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