This rug is an absolute must have item if you have a horse that needs bathing as frequently as Banksy does!


I initially had the original version (the grey one) but when Horseware brought out the Dry Rug Supreme which so happened to be in “our colours” I couldn’t resist upgrading mine.


Banksy is always rolling in the muddiest patches and is a hot horse so is very rarely rugged during the summer unless the weather is horrendous, therefore bathing is essential before every show and even most lessons!


I lead a very hectic lifestyle working 8-6 Monday – Friday and am permanently on the go and always in a rush. This Rug saves so much time, it is versatile in that I can bath him and travel him in it without the worry of him getting too hot and knowing that he will be dry and able to be tacked up as soon as we arrive at the venue.


One of the best features is the “hideaway hood” that can be used to either dry the neck/mane or discreetly rolled away into a secret pocket, meaning the rug can still be used whilst plaiting!!


It fits Banksy really well and is such a lovely soft and luxurious fabric, it’s super smart and will be great for the up coming clipping season!!


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