Setting up the Initial Bed

Initial Muck Out

Mucking out the easibed

Simple, quick and allows more free time for riding ?

Easibed 6 Weeks In

For those that haven’t followed the previous posts…..

This bed was set up 6 weeks ago, 9/10 Bales of easibed in a 12×12 stable, deep littered with the horses in by day for between 8-10 hours, skipped out daily with glove or fork by just removing the poo from the surface and leaving the wet to free drain.

Today I removed the wet for the first time (almost 6 weeks later) and took out one & a half wheel barrows full of waste and put in 2 fresh bales.

To say I’m pleased with how it’s working it for both Banksy and Storm (who are both completely different in their stables!) is an understatement…. I am delighted. It has saved me so much time and effort and my husband hasn’t once moaned that I smell of horse wee!!!!?