So incredibly proud of my Bestie ~ after being Eliminated at Pontispool to then pick herself back up find the courage & determination to take Lola Cross Country Schooling In the most hurrendous Conditions last Thursday to then Go out at WIN on a 30 DC just goes to show that perseverance pays off.

If you have not long followed their journey then you need to scroll back an see just how much time and dedication Emily has put into Lola over the past 4 years ~ She seriously has been far from easy and perseverance became her most used word for a while!! This WIN has been a long time coming Em BUT I am sure it s going to be the first of many… So So Proud of you ?

On the other hand I well truly let my boy down and I still feel blimming awful about it… but you live and you learn!!

2018 hasn’t been the best for us… I’m holding out for 2019!!

“That Phone Call Home” Vlog ~ Bricky BE90