It’s really is the little things that mean the most… who knew clipping could be so rewarding.
On Saturday i went and clipped my old horse Buddy so I thought I’d Vlog it and explain a little about Buds Seeing as he’s the horse I did my first ever One Day Event on!!

He really is One in a million and I feel so very lucky to have been his mummy for 4 years, it would have been selfish of me to keep him and not allow him to do the things he loves and is so good at!!
Seeing him give Lisa the confidence he gave me makes me so so proud and reiterates that I made the right decision to sell him to her 2 years ago xx

He always was Uber Uber anxious bless his cottons, so I will admit as I hadnt seen him for approx 6 months I was rather apprehensive as to whether he would remember and trust me.

He knew what was about to happen as was a sweaty mess through stressing himself out yet he trusted me to get the majority (of what I had intended to get off) off!!
Really does make me well up with pride as when he first came to me you couldn’t even get in his stable with a set of “real clippers” in your hand!!

I understand how he became to trust me after caring for him 24/7 for 4 years but to sell him 2 years ago and now only see him a couple times a year just shows that once that bond is gained it cannot be broken 💞

So very blessed to have had this amazing little horse in my life ~ he will always be my #horseofalifetime