On Saturday we headed to our first competition of the year together.
Combined Training at a venue nice and close to home just to get the initial first party nerves out of the way without having to travel on a long journey too!!

Well Sir Banksy & Princess Lola found it EXTREMELY EXCITING to be partying together and decided they did NOT like being separated…

I have come away proud that Banksy managed to keep it together a little bit better than a hormonal Lola did and managed to get a 71% and clear round to win his class. Princess Lola ~ despite a couple of yeehaaa moments in her test still managed a cracking 66% in a Novice test and an unfortunate 8 faults, which was the first time Emily had jumped a round in her new bit so is pleased the new braking system works, albeit slightly too much at times!! It’ll be a little bit of trial and error whilst the both get used to it I’m sure but a HUGE positive that Lola is accepting it and making a lovely shape over the fences.

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