Spend the day on the Sea with me, in Sunny Cornwall!!
I couldn’t not Vlog our spontaneous day off on Wednesday, although didn’t actually intend to Vlog at the time just wanted to capture some footage on the Go Pro hence not a lot of talking!! (Kinda wish I had done a normal style one now)

I always think that you guys are here purely for the horsey Content and will admit to feeling a little anxious uploading more “day to day life” Vlogs. But seems you guys love them equally as much which makes me smile and feel a little more confident about doing them 😉

We are very fortunate to live just 10 minutes drive from the extremely stunning Mylor Yacht Harbour, and although we no longer own a boat ourselves we are very lucky to be welcomed on board Robs Brother in Laws, which as you can see is a BEAUTY!!

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