Hey guys welcome to my “Equestrian Summer Essentials” Video, I hope you find it useful. Sorry it’s a little later than anticipated it didn’t seem right filming it in the wind and rain so I had to wait for the sun to return!!

The majority of these items I have used for the years, pretty much ever since I have owned Banksy. So they are thoroughly tried and tested.

🔗 Featured Products ⤵️

💙 Woof Wear Products
Fly Mask ~ https://www.woofwear.com/for-horses/fly-masks/1/

Event Gloves ~ https://www.woofwear.com/for-riders/gloves-and-accessories/event-glove_black-6.html

Competition Socks ~ https://www.woofwear.com/for-riders/riding-socks/competition-sock_s.html

🧡 Equilibrium Products
Fly Rug ~
Fly Mask ~
Electrolytes ~

💛 NAF Products
Fly Spray ~ https://www.naf-equine.eu/uk/care/naf-off-deet-power-performance

Citronella Wash ~ https://www.naf-equine.eu/uk/care/naf-off-citronella-wash

Farriers Dressing Profeet ~ https://www.naf-equine.eu/uk/hooves/farrier-dressing-by-profeet

💜 Carr Day Martin Products
Fly Spray ~ http://www.carrdaymartin.co.uk/product/extra-strength/

💚 Super XC High Viz Vest https://superxcountry.co.uk/product/sxc-high-viz-vest/

🖤 Shock Absorber Bras ~ https://www.shockabsorber.co.uk/