VLOGMAS DAY 6 | Bathing Both of my Horses + An Exciting Delivery πŸ“¦ #EquestrianVlogmas
Eeeekkkkk we are already HALFWAY into VLGOMAS!!
Pre warning guys that this was one of the ones I pre filmed, so to me its not a favourite of mine, as while editing it it just felt weird that it was almost 2 weeks ago that it was filmed!! Hope you enjoy it though, I didn’t pre film any others as it just didn’t feel right to me, im a spur of the moment kinda person…so fingers crossed for the next 6!!!πŸ€žπŸ˜‚
I hope everyone is getting in the Festive Spirit now πŸŽ…
#Equestrian #Horses
Link to Comfort Zone Equestrian ~ https://polypads.co.uk/brand/comfort-zone?gclid=CjwKCAiAo5qABhBdEiwAOtGmbvhbYngmeRD-lQIMiaNO_hklHXcl55P2X17jEy6jYrxtnLVKFXepShoCf8YQAvD_BwE
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