Sometimes it’s good to do “not a lot” and enjoy living in the moment… previously i’d feel a huge sense of guilt for not having done anything “entertaining” or that you guys may enjoy watching.
I’d even make myself go and do things that I didn’t really want to do (or have time for) purely to create content around that thing.

Thats not natural… and I know that now.
It’s ok to have a few days of doing things for me. Taking time to chillax and unwind and not picking up my cameras phone to film.

Yes I would LOVE Content Creation to be my full time job, but it’s not and while it’s not, it’s ok to have “days off” and days where family time is priority.

There’s a fine line between what’s relatable and what is too personal, what is TMI and what is helping others realise they’re not alone.

There’s no “rule book” for Vlogging, no specified dos and don’ts… it’s all a rather strange entity.

And as much as I love it, I’m learning it can’t take over my whole life… I guess me venting shows I still feel a little bit bad that tonight Vlog is so shocking. But acknowledging it can’t always be fun and games and working on it not bothering me when I don’t do a lot worth Vlogging is surely a step in the right direction!!

Plus it’s good to vent ~ so thank you all for being so super supportive as always 😘

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