Todays abit of non Horsey Fun with Robbo!! Get to know us abit better as we play the Mr & Mrs Game!! A much asked for vlog after playing it last Vlogmas with Em, I’ll link that one here ~ https://youtu.be/5IMizn7r58A

Huge thanks to Toggi for sponsoring this Video and for supplying the very generous giveaway prize which is live over on Instagram Now ~

The items featured can be purchased here ~ https://www.toggi.com/

SO EXCITED to be bringing you 12 fun filled Videos prior to Xmas – I do hope that you all enjoy them and wanted to stress that I really do appreciate your support with the videos, I love our virtual social media famalam❤️

VLOGMAS DAY 1 – https://youtu.be/EUmDWNCah90

VLOGMAS 2020 –