VESQUAD UNITE | Lucy & Meg come to Cornwall for a fun filled weekend, we finally all meet up!!

VE Squad Unite!! Lucy and Meg come to Cornwall and we all meet up for the first time EVER!! We had the absolutely BEST time, we literally giggled solidly for at least 72 hours straight!! So So So So Sssoooooooooo much FUN!! 🛑 Subscribe here ~ Ems Channel ~ …

FIRST JUMPING LESSON OF 2020 | We’ve finally left the ground!!

We’ve finally left the ground and had our first Show Jumping Lesson of 2020 🙌 Huge thanks to Fred Scala for his awesome tuition as always 👌 🛑 Subscribe here ~ Ems Channel ~ 🎥 Other Videos you May Enjoy 🎶 Music Epidemic Sounds